Sam "DistantJ" Beddoes (distantj) wrote in anti_goth,
Sam "DistantJ" Beddoes

Wow so I joined an Anti-Goth communty. Seems a little dead. And where it's alive it seems really arguey. But at least I have somewhere where I can say something that's slightly against the whole goth thing and people might agree with me. If anyone still posts in this place please leave me a comment, or perhaps somebody could redirect me if there is a non-dead place like this.

I have to say I have nothing against the way people wish to dress, and I have lots of friends who are goths, in fact I think it's a pretty interesting dress style. But I do have a problem with those who then act like it's a burden and complain when they can't get a job due to having their brain pierced and hair made of duct tape, as if the entire world and tradition is supposed to change for them. I do have a problem with those who say that everyone whose not exactly the same as them is a 'sheep' - a little hypocritical, no? I do have a problem with those who will just assume and act that we're assholes just because we don't dress up like anti-social masochistic vampires even for everyday things in public. I do have a problem with those who dress and act a certain way because their favourite bands or friends do and then claim to do it for reasons beyond this. I do have a problem with those who pretend to have depression or cutting disorders and think it's cool, quite literally mocking the poor souls who do suffer with that kind of thing.

I could go on forever, but I won't say anything until I know the community is alive.

I suggest checking out the South Park episode "Raisins" to see Trey and Matt's take on this 'issue', pretty amusing and damned valid.
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