the boy in silver (thesilvergoth) wrote in anti_goth,
the boy in silver

one day people will learn,

everyones entitled to their own opinion... mine is,

i bumped into this community and really it just seems like an argument posting station, its kinda sad tbh, its pretty hard not to be put into a box, nowadays people are judged simply by the type of shoes they wear, so what if someone likes new rocks while another is into converse? does it even fucking matter? the anti-goth people in this comm would be wise to get to know a few 'gothics' and im sure they'd realise theyre just ordinary people living ordinary lives, we just happen to wear clothes that you wont find in marks and spencers, and if you'd still prefer to rant about a stereotype go ahead, it just makes you all sound dumb anyway,

thats my two cents,
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