Miss Kd (missglam) wrote in anti_goth,
Miss Kd

It really does worry me how people can be sad enough to write in a 'Anti-goth' community. Do people really have that little to do with their lives?

I also think it's disgusting what you have to say about the goth subculture and the people who follow it. It's not just one of those things, people who are into goth are either brought up in it or have felt a need to be something different. When I was younger I didn't just think "Today i'm going to be goth" it's something that happened to me over a period of time.

People feel different things whilst growing up, the feelings that lead us to who we become in adulthood. Everyone is different, everyone feels something different whilst growing up. But we take the paths that make us feel comfortable, even if people hate us because that's who we are, what we believe in, but is it necessary to cause such pain within cultures/subcultures. Why should people give a shit about what someone looks like?

This community is obviously full off narrow-minded, insecure people who need to take a look at themselves before judging others.

But at the end of the day.. this shit is happening in the world. People are being murdered for being different. Do you really want to be part of that culture where only violence is the answer?

I hope you can see why there is so much bitchiness and make some changes to the way you think.

Thank you.
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