Rose (december_elegy) wrote in anti_goth,

Black people suck.

So does this community,
as far as anti-goth enthusiasm goes.

At times like these when the occurance of faggy goth kids is so prevalent, times like THESE when seemingly all is stacked against us - we must come together at once. We must shit on the face, and jizz in the ears of, each and every faggy goth kid. E-style.

They all must suffer. Every mall-wandering, black-rubber-bracelet from hot-topic buying, shitty synth-pop listening, glaring at all the other kids in the mall whilst flaunting their black rubber bracelets to show they are more GOTH than anyone, little bitch.

"And after I'm done, getting dressed up in black, because thats what it means to be gothic is to wear black all the time, and showing all the other kids that I am more goth than they are, and buying hundreds of black rubber bracelets from hot topic, I go home, and I give the change to my mom."

Or maybe they will all grow up one day, one day soon perchance - and perchance this is but another attempt at teenage acceptance for them that will one day go away.

Regardless, someone needs a seriously non-slender swizzle stick up their pee hole for all of this.
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