Shaolin Dynasty (lordabigor) wrote in anti_goth,
Shaolin Dynasty

Real Goth? These "goths" are really not.

Hello all,
I just wanted to put my two cents on how I feel about this gothic "culture". I get mistaken for one, due to black clothes. To hell with these little posers. The people who dress in black belong to sicker things. Take the true black metal culture. We dress in black, wear gauntlents, and spikes. Usually eyeliner. But we are not weak, and stupid like those little goth fags who beg for the attention. I dress in black cause it feels comfortable for me. I wear mostly metal shirts, eyeliner, boots, and gauntlets. I used to hang out with certain goth people, but thier little faggot shit got annoying. And I always liked the black metal culture. The true black metal culture. Not this cradle of filth, romantic bullshit. Black isn't about that. And Black Metal has gotten a bad reputation of being marilyn manson clones thanks to this romantic crap. The goths can have thier romantic "black" metal. Only I, and others in the REAL and TRUE black metal culture keep this whiney little vampire wannabe fucks out. They will never sink thier dirty low-life asses into the true black metal culture. Because they will never know.

I joined this community because I know what a real goth is. These idiots who prance around in thier fishnets, and loving night clubs, and also pretending to be vampires, don't realize how miserable thier lives really are. They believe soley that they are happy.

What is a real goth:

The Goths are from old ancient times. Warriors, Knights, Druids. They were not wearing fishnets and acting like faggots. They were fighting protecting thier lands, familys, and honor. These miserable little parasites have the nerve to call themselves "goth", when they don't even fucking know the true meaning. So I say, they are not goth. Just stupid little parasites lost in a world that they think is thiers. Hail Wotan.
Marc Of The Wintermoon
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