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Wow so I joined an Anti-Goth communty. Seems a little dead. And where it's alive it seems really arguey. But at least I have somewhere where I can say something that's slightly against the whole goth thing and people might agree with me. If anyone still posts in this place please leave me a comment, or perhaps somebody could redirect me if there is a non-dead place like this.

I have to say I have nothing against the way people wish to dress, and I have lots of friends who are goths, in fact I think it's a pretty interesting dress style. But I do have a problem with those who then act like it's a burden and complain when they can't get a job due to having their brain pierced and hair made of duct tape, as if the entire world and tradition is supposed to change for them. I do have a problem with those who say that everyone whose not exactly the same as them is a 'sheep' - a little hypocritical, no? I do have a problem with those who will just assume and act that we're assholes just because we don't dress up like anti-social masochistic vampires even for everyday things in public. I do have a problem with those who dress and act a certain way because their favourite bands or friends do and then claim to do it for reasons beyond this. I do have a problem with those who pretend to have depression or cutting disorders and think it's cool, quite literally mocking the poor souls who do suffer with that kind of thing.

I could go on forever, but I won't say anything until I know the community is alive.

I suggest checking out the South Park episode "Raisins" to see Trey and Matt's take on this 'issue', pretty amusing and damned valid.

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one day people will learn,

everyones entitled to their own opinion... mine is,

i bumped into this community and really it just seems like an argument posting station, its kinda sad tbh, its pretty hard not to be put into a box, nowadays people are judged simply by the type of shoes they wear, so what if someone likes new rocks while another is into converse? does it even fucking matter? the anti-goth people in this comm would be wise to get to know a few 'gothics' and im sure they'd realise theyre just ordinary people living ordinary lives, we just happen to wear clothes that you wont find in marks and spencers, and if you'd still prefer to rant about a stereotype go ahead, it just makes you all sound dumb anyway,

thats my two cents,

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It really does worry me how people can be sad enough to write in a 'Anti-goth' community. Do people really have that little to do with their lives?

I also think it's disgusting what you have to say about the goth subculture and the people who follow it. It's not just one of those things, people who are into goth are either brought up in it or have felt a need to be something different. When I was younger I didn't just think "Today i'm going to be goth" it's something that happened to me over a period of time.

People feel different things whilst growing up, the feelings that lead us to who we become in adulthood. Everyone is different, everyone feels something different whilst growing up. But we take the paths that make us feel comfortable, even if people hate us because that's who we are, what we believe in, but is it necessary to cause such pain within cultures/subcultures. Why should people give a shit about what someone looks like?

This community is obviously full off narrow-minded, insecure people who need to take a look at themselves before judging others.

But at the end of the day.. this shit is happening in the world. People are being murdered for being different. Do you really want to be part of that culture where only violence is the answer?

I hope you can see why there is so much bitchiness and make some changes to the way you think.

Thank you.

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Nice LJ, tis quite amusing, Goth hating American death metalliers! and I thought American *spooky kids* Goths where stupid. I t'ink you're mistaking *spooky kids* with Goths here. -oOo- lordabigor, the orginal word "Goth" was a name of a German Clan, that has not'ing to to do with the Goth subculture.

Love&hugs Mike_Thegoth Xx

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Black people suck.

So does this community,
as far as anti-goth enthusiasm goes.

At times like these when the occurance of faggy goth kids is so prevalent, times like THESE when seemingly all is stacked against us - we must come together at once. We must shit on the face, and jizz in the ears of, each and every faggy goth kid. E-style.

They all must suffer. Every mall-wandering, black-rubber-bracelet from hot-topic buying, shitty synth-pop listening, glaring at all the other kids in the mall whilst flaunting their black rubber bracelets to show they are more GOTH than anyone, little bitch.

"And after I'm done, getting dressed up in black, because thats what it means to be gothic is to wear black all the time, and showing all the other kids that I am more goth than they are, and buying hundreds of black rubber bracelets from hot topic, I go home, and I give the change to my mom."

Or maybe they will all grow up one day, one day soon perchance - and perchance this is but another attempt at teenage acceptance for them that will one day go away.

Regardless, someone needs a seriously non-slender swizzle stick up their pee hole for all of this.


hi. im new to this community. i hate goths [obviously] and i hate the goth trend [even though people claim that i am part of it]. i hate all these 12 and 13 year old kids that live at hot topic and think that they are oh-so-hardxxcxr3-gawth-because-i-have-every-item-from-hottopic-and-i-lyk-sk8erboiz. Oh yeah and i hate emo kids, punks, and every other fucking trend out there. uh... just thought id post here since no one else does.
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Real Goth? These "goths" are really not.

Hello all,
I just wanted to put my two cents on how I feel about this gothic "culture". I get mistaken for one, due to black clothes. To hell with these little posers. The people who dress in black belong to sicker things. Take the true black metal culture. We dress in black, wear gauntlents, and spikes. Usually eyeliner. But we are not weak, and stupid like those little goth fags who beg for the attention. I dress in black cause it feels comfortable for me. I wear mostly metal shirts, eyeliner, boots, and gauntlets. I used to hang out with certain goth people, but thier little faggot shit got annoying. And I always liked the black metal culture. The true black metal culture. Not this cradle of filth, romantic bullshit. Black isn't about that. And Black Metal has gotten a bad reputation of being marilyn manson clones thanks to this romantic crap. The goths can have thier romantic "black" metal. Only I, and others in the REAL and TRUE black metal culture keep this whiney little vampire wannabe fucks out. They will never sink thier dirty low-life asses into the true black metal culture. Because they will never know.

I joined this community because I know what a real goth is. These idiots who prance around in thier fishnets, and loving night clubs, and also pretending to be vampires, don't realize how miserable thier lives really are. They believe soley that they are happy.

What is a real goth:

The Goths are from old ancient times. Warriors, Knights, Druids. They were not wearing fishnets and acting like faggots. They were fighting protecting thier lands, familys, and honor. These miserable little parasites have the nerve to call themselves "goth", when they don't even fucking know the true meaning. So I say, they are not goth. Just stupid little parasites lost in a world that they think is thiers. Hail Wotan.
Marc Of The Wintermoon